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පළිගුව සමග එකතු වෙන්න..


පළිඟුව දැන් ඔබේ දුරකතනයට


The journalist who wrote the article did not bother to research the fact but makes a snide
remark on how “Elvis would still be alive”, and that “this case almost certainly has nothing to
do with Michael Jackson”. Why on Earth a Coroner’s vehicle is transporting a living person
with a deliberately covered up face, a person which looks like Jackson’s spitting image (apart
from his face), in the same car that transported Jackson’s body. The mainstream media isn’t
interested in calling the Coroner’s office and asking why they transport very-alive people
with blankets over their faces who look like Michael Jackson. No, that’s totally uninteresting
because “We all know Michael Jackson is dead”. A classical case of “Don’t confuse us with the
facts – our mind is made up”.

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